Corn and Cotton Plan

Why conduct a nutrient management plan? With rising cost of fertilizer, it is important to give the plant exactly what it needs when it needs it. When we manage our fertility with an intensive in-season sampling program we can see increased nutrient use efficiency gains of 30%. Sampling coupled with an understanding of crop needs by growth stage and the ability to apply fertility through our irrigation systems give us the opportunity to raise more crop on fewer inputs meaning more profit per acre.


Procedure: Pre-planting soil sample (0-10, 10-20, 20-30) NPK, OM – to establish baseline, in season soil sampling (0-10, 10-20, 20-30) NPK at V4 or pinhead square coupled with a tissue sample, in season soil Sample 0-10” and tissue test at Tassel, Post Season – stalk nitrate test (corn only) to evaluate in-season performance of Nitrogen plan.

Plan Features:

  • Collect Field Boundaries, crop, planting date, gal/min, GDUs or maturity, Yield.
  • Work to reduce dependence of plant on Nitrate N and improve our NUE by matching fertilizer needs more with crop needs.

Plan Specs:

  • It takes 12 lbs of N to get from emergence to V4.
  • 2 weeks prior to tassel we use 11lbs of N/day.
  • 35% of our N needs happen after Tassel.
  • V5-V12 uses 4lbs of N/day.

Cotton Nitrogen Needs:

  • Cotton uses 50# of N/bale.
  • 1#/day from emergence to first bloom.
  • 4#/day from first bloom to peak bloom.

Results at a Glance